Alfa Mutual Insurance FAQ

Q: What are Alfa Mutual Insurance's revenues?

Alfa Mutual Insurance has revenues of over $500 million per year, based on most recent data. Find exact revenue and growth rates for Alfa Mutual Insurance from IncFact's company research on Alfa Mutual Insurance

Q: How many employees work at Alfa Mutual Insurance?

Over 1,000 employees work at Alfa Mutual Insurance. This figure does not include part time employees and contractors.

Q: Where is Alfa Mutual Insurance located?

Alfa Mutual Insurance is located in Montgomery, AL. Alfa Mutual Insurance's full address is:

Alfa Mutual Insurance
P.o. Box 11000
Montgomery, AL 36191

Q: What industry is Alfa Mutual Insurance in?

Alfa Mutual Insurance's main industry is NAICS Code: 5241 Insurance Carriers

Additionally, Alfa Mutual Insurance operates in the following areas:
  • 524126 Direct Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers
  • 52415

Q: Who are Alfa Mutual Insurance's largest competitors?

Q: What other companies are located in Montgomery, AL?

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